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35% Stock Increase

2021 Annualized
Increase Of 35.35%

In 2019, RAD Diversified REIT had a stock price of $10.00 per share and 2nd quarter of 2022 RAD had a stock price $20.86 per share.

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Look at what some of our satisfied Inner Circle Members are saying:

"I have never lost money with RAD Diversified. I know that, no matter what, they are not going to let me lose money."

Eric, S. - REIT Investor & Inner Circle Member

"Rad Diversified is the real deal. If you’re looking for an investment with a company that will literally hold your hand and walk you through the process, Rad Diversified is the right investment company for you."

David, F. - REIT Investor

"I definitely had a Great experience at the latest 4-day RAD Diversified Revolution Training event! Two days of in-the-field training plus two days of lessons on the latest tactics working in todays RE investing world was Well worth the cost. It's clear the RADD team really cares about helping You reach Your goals & success 🙌 I believe their REIT is the best in America as well. Do yourself a favor & get involved today."

Joshua, K. - REIT Investor & Inner Circle Member

"Love RADD, very happy with returns I've got here for awhile - this is the best REIT I've invested with. Dutch built an amazing company with awesome team: he's got a great business plan that will help many individuals passively earn unbelievable ROI as RADD is investing in farmland and remodeling homes across US. Excited to grow as new Inner Circle member and partner with RADD on RE deals."

Alex, S. - REIT Investor & Inner Circle Member

"RADD is amazing at growing your capital in ways other REITs can’t - I’ve enjoyed great investing experience and good customer service. Transparency, integrity and passion are just a few qualities I’ve admired in Dutch, company founder. Highly recommend RAD Diversified!"

John, S. - REIT Investor

"I’ve been investing with RAD Diversified since 2018. I’ve been on several trips with them, including touring almost 50 properties in the Philadelphia market. I’ve seen them grow by leaps and bounds and witnessed firsthand how they identify the properties they purchase below market value as well as rehab them for a potential profit or long term cash flow. I’ve seen them invest in income producing farmland and ranchland, I have supported and invested in their American Survivalist Project as well. The education is top-notch, the returns in the REIT as well as the individual deals offered to the inner circle are fantastic. I have invested with them using my self-directed IRA as well as other funds and they have outperformed all of my other investments. I have personally met the founders behind the company and they are people of integrity I will continue to invest with them for the long haul."

Kevin, M. - REIT Investor & Inner Circle Member

Recent Investments

This done-for-you real estate partnership process has a 100% success rate.

ALL our members have done deals, hand-in-hand with us, and EVERY Single Person has profited. Many built a legacy of wealth their family will enjoy for generations to come.

Texas Property

ARV: $280,000

Purchased: $145,000

Rehab Costs: N/A

Rent Per Month: $1,400

Philadelphia Property

ARV: $185,000

Purchased: $59,000

Rehab Costs: $15,000

Rent Per Month: $1,000

Philadelphia Property

ARV: $310,000

Purchased: $21,000

Rehab Costs: $120,000

Rent Per Month: $2,300

Philadelphia Property

ARV: $155,000

Purchased: $17,000

Rehab Costs: $5,000

Rent Per Month: $850

Idaho Farmland

Purchased: $1,500,000

Current Value: $4,500,000

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Over $100,000,000
in property assets.

Since inception, RAD Diversified REIT & Companies have amassed over $100,000,000 in diverse property assets while continuously finding new deals for its exclusive Inner Circle group.

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