With $1,000 or more you can buy shares and own a piece of our Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
Our portfolio of properties generates rental revenue from our creditworthy tenants
We pay you cash dividends from the rental revenue we collect
Our purposeful actions repair each broken asset we acquire. Every property is reborn to achieve quality living standards. Restoring dignity to the home and pride to the family who will live there. As you can see with the before & after photos and videos included, we bring new life to each asset we purchase.
We have developed a proven, reliable system for investing in residential & multi-family properties in key real estate markets across the U.S. We offer investment partners the opportunity to invest in cash-flowing properties with substantial value-add opportunities.


RAD Diversified offers monthly distributions, a 5% bottom-line guarantee and has kept its entire staff employed while keeping the doors open without taking any government assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic