left the baseball world to pursue his business career after having coached at the University of San Francisco, a top Division I team. He began his business career as an executive recruiter in a billion dollar company specializing in commercial real estate and banking. He excelled in less than 12 months to become the # 1 producer in the entire company.

Today Dutch runs a Real Estate Education company where he mentors thousands of students across the country to invest safely and securely in Real Estate. Dutch’s specialty is in Tax Sales and he runs 3 Investment funds that have amassed over 7 million dollars in properties and 3 million dollars in profit over the last 12 months.


has been educating professionals for a decade. She is one of most sought-after consultants in all of the real estate world. The student investors Amy trains know she has their best interest at heart. She constantly looks after the investors she mentors and protects their best interests.

Amy is the backbone of the business for Dutch. She became a full fledged partner in 2011. Amy has consistently built her portfolio, one property at a time in Florida. She has roots in Philadelphia and was first to opening our eyes to the market.

RAD Diversified was founded to make real estate investment easier and less expensive.

Our REITs are required to have audited financial statements and to distribute at least 90% of their income in the form of shareholder dividends.

RAD regards themselves as trusted stewards of investors’ hard-earned money.

Real People, Real Investors

Kim & Husband IM

“One of the best things is having someone you can partner with that has already established their system and their team.”

Mark Priyorki

“I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger without all their help – but I did and now I have a property I purchased for $11k and it’s valued at around $143k”

Jeff Thomas

“It has been a good experience. We are continueing to invest our money and we are looking forward for it to grow as much as possible”